About Us

Welcome to www.sswc2012.co.za, or we should say ‘welcome home,’ because this is not just a normal website about cycling. This is home for cyclists and cycling enthusiasts.

Who are we?

The reason why we call our site ‘home’ is that it provides all types of information a cyclist may need. Our content is divided into different categories focusing on different matters that can come up as you adopt this sport. These include tips and tricks, buying guides, and product reviews. Besides, we also include a small section where you can update the latest news about the cycling field like a new bike has been released.

Here, you can freely search for any information you need, we have it all. You will feel at home since our information is arranged neatly, paired with a user-friendly interface, making it super easy for you to navigate and find what you need.

Why should you choose us?


Our site is developed to provide you with a full suite of information about cycling, including product reviews, buying guides, as well as tips and tricks.

  • Tips and tricks: no matter if you have just started cycling or are doing it regularly as a hobby, there are always ways to help you improve performance. With that in mind, we compile the most useful tips and tricks regarding all aspects of cycling for you.
  • Product reviews: this is the best way to know how a product performs in real life before making a purchase decision. Our reviews will also help you compare one product to another so you can figure out what’s the best option you have.
  • Buying guide: for each type of product, there are countless models on the market. With that in mind, we give you comprehensive guides, telling you what to consider and how to measure each factor when narrowing down options.

Scientific approach

When we talk about a product, we must first talk about its performance. However, we also look at it as a scientific approach that shows its health benefits when paired with certain exercises. This is especially essential to those who want to cycle to improve their health as well as stay fit because cycling is a great cardio workout for anyone.


We deeply care about you, our viewers, so the accuracy of information is a top priority for us. To ensure accurate instructions and information, we work with experts and professionals who have years of experience in cycling.

All of our content is thoroughly reviewed and fact-checked before we publish on our site. This way, we can make sure all the information is correct and up to date. Our experts and professional cyclists also help us add more analyses and insights to our guides and reviews.


We get that some people like a brief summary while others prefer going into detail. Here, we include a large amount of detail in each and every post so that you can have the best understanding of each topic. How do we do that? You will see that if a topic involves technical terms, we will explain them in the simplest way possible. And for each statement, we support it with data, numbers, and description, making it clear as day to you.


It’s important to us that you can actually use the information we provide, so we do not build our content from our perspective, but rather from yours. That means, whenever we work on new content, we start by finding out what you want, what problems you are having, what’s the best way we can deliver the information to you, etc.


Every step of the way, we are by your side. We know that every cyclist, especially beginners, has a lot of questions about this sport, so there is a Q&A section on our site that lets you send questions directly to our team and we will answer you in person. This is how we make sure you will always get suitable information based on your needs or we can direct you to the right source corresponding to your current problems.

All of our content is free to view and you don’t have to pay anything or register for membership at all. However, we do get a small commission when you buy a product via a link on our site, which will help us keep the site running and provide you with even more useful posts.